Behind the Book

Wanna know the history behind each of my books?  Oh, goodness…and there is secret backstory.  My second published book, “The Orca King” began simple enough.  The husband, daughter and I went out to Orcas Island, WA for a weekend.  I think it was 2004 or 2005.  We stayed at this sweet little “destination cottage” run by a woman who had a posse of Ukrainian teenagers working for her during the summer months.  This was a very funky little place. It must have been a barn at one point, because the shape of our room indicated so–and the bathroom was “slightly detached.”  An afterthought, I dare say.  We caught a whale watching cruise.  Truly and utterly amazing.

I have a tendency to become “temporarily obsessed” with things.  Orca, their lore, their traits…overtook me.  While the family went out for a bike ride, I sat out on the deck of our funky little cottage and began to write.  “The Orca King” was born.  I spent another month or two researching First Nation legend and language and memorialized the place names on Orcas Island I found so intriguing.  I wished now I’d had a bit of thievery in me and had stolen “Lover’s Lane” and “Enchanted Forest Way” street signs!

And thereby is the short history behind “The Orca King.”  The history behind its sequel, “The Orca King, II” is much more traumatic.  Next time …



The Boxing Author Rides Again

This is about 3 months ago.  Yes, my trainer has a smokin’ hot a$$, huh?  The male voice in the background is the owner of the gym.  I love this place.  It is taking one highly talented, creative, gorgeous fat chick and helping her become WAY healthier.

Boxing/sparring, weight lifting and cardio are my road to salvation, peeps.

I learned decades ago that writing is my life.  And thereby, I spent my life in a seated position.  From April 21, 2016 into my future days…I will write, but remember to get up and MOVE!




Be amused.

I started working out hard (3x week) at the end of April, 2016. Boxing, included.  I love it.  I have NEVER been an exercise kind of gal.  Until I began working out with a personal trainer. One-on-one has made all the difference.  I am stronger, leaner and holy smut…I found an ab muscle.  #victorywoman (video from August, 2016)

Excerpt contest


I’d like to fill my blog with reader “favorite lines” from any of my books.  If you’ve read one or twenty of my works, and giggled, wept, felt titillated, enraged or excited at anything I’ve written, please share it with me.

Book title and excerpt to darragha @ gmail . com (no spaces).  Please put EXCERPT in the subject line.

When I’ve collected at least seven excerpts, all respondent names will be placed in a drawing for a prize.  One drawing.  One prize.  What do you want?  A free ebook, perhaps?

Thank you for participating!



I got Muse’d

So…had an interesting situation arise that was much too exciting to describe in a single blog post, so I’m writing the event into the fourth “Loki-rotica” novella. Loki-rotica IV: Gift for a Gift. Inspiration comes from all sources. Thank you, Muse!

When editing and you lurve what you wrote…

A hot knife into butter, man. This guy was doing her like a hot knife through butter. Last thing she knew, she’d melted. Someone come dip a lobster tail in her ‘cause she’d been drawn and served.

Yeah.  I wrote that.  It’s pretty hot, too.  Coming soon…”Polishing Saber.”

Polishing Saber is not your average vampire tale. These ain’t your mama’s Carpathians. In Iceland, the vampires are tall, blond, and environmentally-minded.